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Digital, Green, and Allied

Digital, Green, and Allied

Most recent Publication:

Economic, social, and environmental impact of the Global Gateway initiative and the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Digital Alliance.

Authors: A. Aguilar, Á. Melguizo, M. Balmaseda, V. Muñoz


 The Colombian Case: A New Path for Developing Countries Addressing the Risks of Artificial intelligence.

The Colombian Case

Providing background information on IoT for policymakers and researchers, highlighting trends in its evolution.

IoT in LatAm & the Caribbean

ChatGPT seems set to shake up the technology industry, but its implications for geopolitics are less clear. 

Insights from an AI author

The Colombian Case: adopting collaborative governance as a path for implementing ethical artificial intelligence.

Collaborative Governance

The argument that we have to choose between growth or environmental sustainability is completely outdated.

The Symbiosis of the Future

If you think there's misinformation about elections now, you haven't seen anything yet: brace yourself for AI.

AI & Misinformation

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